Ganoderma Marketing: How to Get Started

How to Get Started
How to Get Started

A lot of people have been asking me lately what the first marketing steps are after signing up to a ganoderma mlm network. They all love the products, but they just don't know how to sell it. I know many marketers are low on cash when they first start off in this business, so many of my suggestions are low cost or no cost marketing tips. Once you have your business up and running you will definitely want to spend a few bucks to give your marketing efforts an extra boost.

Here are some of my tips to help you get started:

- Stay local! Don't think you can immediately be a global player. Tell your friends and family about the products. Get them involved (either as customers or distributors.)

- Print some business cards with your contact information and a catchy slogan, for example: "Do Something Good For Your Health: Drink Coffee!" and attach 1x coffee package to every business card. Give them to your friends and family to pass around or ask a local bakery to hand out one package to every customer, etc.

- Set a goal and create a strategy on how to achieve your goal! I, for instance, have a flip chart in my office and I write every goal I have (with a deadline) on that flip chart. Once I achieve my current goal (and I always do!) I flip that piece of paper over to the next empy page and write my next goal on it. I look at my flip chart goal every day!

- Always ask yourself: "Who are my customers and where can I find them". Think of creative ways to let them taste/try the product. Give them the arguments why they need the product (health benefits, etc.) and don't forget to let them know where they buy it (from you!)

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