Getting to Know Ganoderma


With about 80 species in total in existence in the world, ganoderma is a mushroom that generally grows on trees and has been extensively used as an ingredient in traditional medicinal practices in a lot of Asian countries. Proponents of the use of ganoderma claim that the mushroom has properties that lets it keep cholesterol levels normal, curb hypertension, relieve fatigue, tame inflammations, build stamina, and boost the immune system. It's normal for mushrooms to be used for culinary purposes as well but ganoderma is bitter so it is an exemption. 

It's a good thing that ganoderma has a lot of benefits but the bad thing here is that it is a rare mushroom. It is so rare that in a forest of 10,000 trees, you'll find it in about two of the dead trees. Mostly growing on stumps and bases, ganoderma is usually located in forests in South America, North America, Europe, and Africa. Since the mushroom is very difficult to find in the wild, it is instead cultivated in indoor and outdoor setups.

The popularity of ganoderma in traditional medicine created interest for modern medicine so a lot of research was done to expound on the effects the mushroom really has. So far, research has proven that ganoderma is linked to the following health benefits:

  • Improved blood circulation;
    • Relieves tension so you can more easily relax and stay calm;
    • Prevents and fights off various types of cancer;
    • Detoxifies with anti-oxidants, flushing out toxins that wreak havoc on your body;
    • Boosts energy levels so you can keep going throughout the day no matter how busy you are; and
    • Improves overall immune system functions so you don't get sick easily.

Research also puts emphasis on the fact that if you want to reap the benefits of ganoderma, you have to consume the mushroom regularly. If you don't like eating mushrooms, you can opt to take products containing ganoderma instead. Since ganoderma has effects on overall health, it is said that you will benefit from taking some even though you are not feeling sick. You will also reap anti-aging benefits because of the anti-oxidant action of the mushrooms that fights off free radicals, a top cause of premature aging. And if you're looking to lose weight, the general improvements you will enjoy with taking ganoderma translates to improved overall processes in the body, including a boosted metabolism that speeds up the rate that your body burns off stored fat so you more easily say goodbye to those extra pounds you've been carrying around.

Taking ganoderma has been proven to be very good for your health but it cannot replace the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle will give you. You can turn to ganoderma though if you want to make the most out of your efforts at living healthier. Eat right, engage in regularly physical activity, and take ganoderma and you'll be well on your way towards living in the best way possible. It's not easy to be healthy but ganoderma can help you out.

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